National Focal Point

National Focal Points are the primary point of contact for all information about a particular issue within a country National Focal Points for the Protocol are provided in accordance with Article 19 of the Protocol, the point of contact for notifications on unintentional trans boundary movements and emergency measures is provided in accordance with the BCH Modalities of Operation, adopted at the first meeting of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Protocol in accordance with Article 20 Please note that Focal Points must be validated by the CBD Secretariat before they are published on the BCH.

Competent National Authority

One or more Competent National Authorities are designated with responsibility for performing the administrative functions required by the protocol and are made available in accordance with Article 19 of the Protocol.

National Biosafety-Related Website or Database

National databases or websites include those publicly searchable sites that are maintained by the governments or national institutions. The text of these sites are indexed by the BCH and can be searched through the "linked" sites tool.